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Package org.identityconnectors.framework.common.objects

Interface Summary
ConnectorMessages Message catalog for a given connector.
ResultsHandler Callback interface for operations that are returning one or more results.
SyncResultsHandler Callback interface that an application implements in order to handle results from SyncApiOp in a stream-processing fashion.


Class Summary
Attribute Represents a named collection of values within a target object, although the simplest case is a name-value pair (e.g., email, employeeID).
AttributeBuilder Simplifies constructing instances of Attribute.
AttributeInfo AttributeInfo is meta data responsible for describing an Attribute.
AttributeInfoBuilder Simplifies the process of building 'AttributeInfo' objects.
AttributeInfoUtil Utility methods to retrieve values from instances of AttributeInfo.
AttributesAccessor Attributes Accessor convenience methods for accessing attributes.
AttributeUtil Utility methods to retrieve values from instances of Attribute.
ConnectorObject A ConnectorObject represents an object (e.g., an Account or a Group) on the target resource.
ConnectorObjectBuilder Builder class to create a ConnectorObject.
EmbeddedObject An EmbeddedObject represents an object (e.g., an Account's Address) on the target resource that is embedded in another object.
EmbeddedObjectBuilder Builder class to create a EmbeddedObject.
Name A single-valued attribute that represents the user-friendly identifier of an object on a target resource.
ObjectClass An instance of ObjectClass specifies a category or type of ConnectorObject.
ObjectClassInfo Extension of Attribute to distinguish it from a regular attribute.
ObjectClassInfoBuilder Simplifies the construction of ObjectClassInfo instances.
ObjectClassUtil Utility methods to for ObjectClass.
OperationalAttributeInfos AttributeInfo for each operational attribute.
OperationalAttributes Operational attributes have special meaning and cannot be represented by pure operations.
OperationOptions Arbitrary options to be passed into various operations.
OperationOptionsBuilder Builder for OperationOptions.
PredefinedAttributes Defines standard syntax and semantics for common attributes that are not operational in nature.
QualifiedUid A fully-qualified uid.
Schema Determines the objects supported by a Connector.
SchemaBuilder Simple builder class to help facilitate creating a Schema object.
ScriptContext Encapsulates a script and all of its parameters.
ScriptContextBuilder Builds an ScriptContext.
SyncDelta Represents a change to an object in a resource.
SyncDeltaBuilder Builder for SyncDelta.
SyncToken Abstract "place-holder" for synchronization.
Uid A single-valued attribute that represents the unique identifier of an object within the name-space of the target resource.


Enum Summary
AttributeInfo.Flags Enum of modifier flags to use for attributes.
SyncDeltaType The type of change.


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