9.4 Formats

Sealed documents have file icons and extensions that are slightly different to their unsealed counterparts. The table below shows the icons and extensions for the supported types of sealed document.

File icon Unsealed extension Sealed extension Sealed MIME type
spdf pdf spdf application/vnd.sealedmedia.softseal.pdf
stml html | htm stml application/vnd.sealedmedia.softseal.html
spng png spng image/vnd.sealed.png
sgif gif sgif image/vnd.sealedmedia.softseal.gif
sjpg jpeg | jpg sjpg image/vnd.sealedmedia.softseal.jpeg
sdoc doc sdoc application/vnd.sealed.doc
sppt ppt sppt application/vnd.sealed.ppt
sxls xls sxls application/vnd.sealed.xls
sdot dot sdot application/vnd.sealed.template
sxlt xlt sxlt application/vnd.sealed.template
spot pot spot application/vnd.sealed.template
docx docx sdocx application/vnd.sealed.docx
sdocm docm sdocm application/vnd.sealed.docm
sdotx dotx sdotx application/vnd.sealed.dotx
sdotm dotm sdotm application/vnd.sealed.dotm
spptx pptx spptx application/vnd.sealed.pptx
spptm pptm spptm application/vnd.sealed.pptm
spotx potx spotx application/vnd.sealed.potx
spotm potm spotm application/vnd.sealed.potm
sxlsx xlsx sxlsx application/vnd.sealed.xlsx
sxlsm xlsm sxlsm application/vnd.sealed.xlsm
sxltx xltx sxltx application/vnd.sealed.xltx
sxltm xltm sxltm application/vnd.sealed.xltm
smov mov smov video/vnd.sealedmedia.softseal.mov
smp1 mpeg | mpg smp1 video/vnd.sealed.mpeg1
smp4 mp4 smp4 video/vnd.sealed.mpeg4
sxml xml sxml application/vnd.sealed.xml
stxt txt stxt application/vnd.sealed.txt
srtf rtf srtf application/vnd.sealed.rtf
scsv csv scsv application/vnd.sealed.csv
seml doc seml application/vnd.sealed.eml.doc
seml rtf seml application/vnd.sealed.eml.rtf
seml txt seml application/vnd.sealed.eml.txt