16 Managing the Event Type Repository

This section contains the typical event repository management tasks you can perform with Oracle CEP Visualizer, including:

For more information, see Section 9.6, "Event Type Repository Management".

16.1 Viewing the Event Type Repository

You can view the event type repository using the Oracle CEP Visualizer.

16.1.1 How to View the Event Type Repository

Using the Oracle CEP Visualizer, you can view the event type repository.

To view the event type repository:

  1. In the left pane, click Domain > Server > Services > Event Type Repository, where Domain refers to the name of your Oracle CEP domain and Server refers to the name of the server instance.

    The right pane displays the Event Name table that lists all the event types used by the applications of the server.

  2. In the right pane, click the name of an event in the Event Name table. The text box at the bottom displays the properties of the event type. For example, a simple Name event type that has three properties, first and last which are Strings and age which is an integer, might look like:

    {first=java.lang.String, last=java.lang.String, age=int}

16.2 Configuring the Event Type Repository

You can only view the event type repository, along with the its event types, configured for an Oracle CEP server using Oracle CEP Visualizer.

For details, see "Creating Oracle CEP Event Types" in the Oracle Complex Event Processing Developer's Guide for Eclipse.