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Part I Introduction

1 Overview of Oracle CEP Visualizer

2 Using Oracle CEP Visualizer

Part II Application Tasks

3 Overview of Application Tasks

4 Managing the Event Processing Network

5 Managing Application Lifecycle

6 Managing Oracle CQL Rules

7 Managing EPL Rules

8 Managing Configuration History

Part III Server and Domain Tasks

9 Overview of Server and Domain Tasks

10 Managing Deployments

11 Managing Jetty

12 Managing JMX

13 Managing Data Sources

14 Managing HTTP Publish-Subscribe Servers

15 Managing the Event Inspector Service

16 Managing the Event Type Repository

17 Managing the Persistent Event Store

18 Managing Multi-Server Domains

19 Managing Oracle CEP Server Logs

Part IV Security Tasks

20 Overview of Security Tasks

21 Managing Users

22 Managing Groups

23 Managing Roles

24 Managing HTTP Publish-Subscribe Server Security

25 Managing SSL

A Oracle CQL Query Wizard Template Schema Reference