2.2 Enabling the UCM-BPEL Integration Component

Follow these steps to enable the UCM-BPEL Integration component:

  1. Log in to the Oracle Content Server as a system administrator.

  2. Navigate to the Admin Server.

  3. On the Administration for Servers page, select Component Manager for the server on which you want to install the component (see Figure 2-1, "Component Manager Page").

    Figure 2-1 Component Manager Page

    Component Manager Page
  4. In the paragraph at the top of the page, click the Advanced Component Manager link.

    Figure 2-2 Advanced Component Manager Page

    Advanced Component Manager
  5. Notice that there are two lists, of Enabled and Disabled Components. Select BpelIntegration in the lower Disabled Components list.

  6. Click Enable to move the item from the lower list to the upper.

  7. At the bottom of the page, click Update.

  8. Log in to the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console.

  9. In the Environment area, click the Servers link. The Summary of Servers page is displayed.

  10. From the Control tab, select your server and then click Restart SSL.

    Figure 2-3 Summary of Servers Page

    Summary of Servers