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Oracle® Hardware Management Connector 3.2 for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager
Oracle Technology Network
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Document Information

Chapter 1 Using This Documentation

Chapter 2 Introduction

Chapter 3 Deploying Oracle HMC for Operations Manager

Upgrading From Sun Servers Integration for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

Upgrading From Previous Oracle HMC Versions

Getting the Software

Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support

Installing Oracle HMC for Operations Manager

Chapter 4 Monitoring Sun x86 Servers in Operations Manager

Chapter 5 Release Notes


Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support

  1. Go to the My Oracle Support site:

  2. Sign in to My Oracle Support.
  3. At the top of the page, click the Patches & Updates tab.

    The Patches and Updates page appears.

  4. In the Patching Quick Links panel, click Oracle Servers Tools > Latest Patchsets.

    The Path Search panel displays a link to the Product or Family (Advanced) search option.

  5. In the Search Path panel, click the link for Product or Family (Advanced) .

    The search parameters for Product and Family appear.

  6. In the Product field, type a full or partial product name, until a list of matches appear and select the product of interest. For example:
    • To search for the latest Hardware Management Connector, type Hardware Management Connector.
    • To search for firmware for a specific server, type the product name, for example SPARC T5-2 Server.
  7. In the Release field, select the software release check box in the drop-down list. For example:
    • To locate Oracle Hardware Management Connector patches for Microsoft products, select the HMC for Operations Manager check box.

    • To locate the SPARC T5-2 firmware patch for version 9.0, select the SPARC T5-2 Sun System Firmware 9.0 check box.

  8. Click Search.

    The Path Search Results page appears display a list of available patches in a table format.

  9. To select a single Patch, click a Patch Name in the table.

    A popup action panel appears with these actions: Readme, Add to Plan, or Download.

    Note -  To select multiple patches, hold-down the Control key while selecting additional patch names in the table.
  10. To download a single patch (or multiple patches), click the Download action in the popup panel, then in the File Download dialog, select the file(s) to download.

    The download process begins automatically.