Package atg.adc.pipeline

Class Summary
ADCPipelineArgs This is the class that is passed as the parameter to all of the ADC pipeline chains.
ADCPipelineException The pipeline result of one of the ADC pipelines contains errors.
ADCPipelineProcessor The ADCPipelineProcessor is used to implement each of the processors used in an ADC pipeline.
AppendStringProcessor This processor is responsible for inserting an arbitrary string into the output stream.
AssignmentProcessor This class appends a script assignment statement to the output.
CheckForNoInsertProcessor This class checks if the current request data has been marked "noInsertForThisPage".
ExtraTagsProcessor This class checks if any tags are to be added through the "extraTags" JSP tag.
PipelinedDataReporter This implementation of ADCDataReporter will determine the ADC data by executing a pipeline.
SimulationProcessor This processor surrounds the auto-tagging output with HTML comment tags so that the output is not interpreted by the web browser.