Package atg.beans

Interface Summary
DynamicBeanInfo This interface is used to describe a set of dynamic properties that occur together and have consistent behavior and semantics, analogous to a Class.
DynamicBeanTyper This interface describes a DynamicBeanTyper: an object that can yield a DynamicBeanInfo from a dynamic bean type for one of whose Java class or interface the DynamicBeanTyper has registered.
DynamicPropertyMapper This interface describes a DynamicPropertyMapper: an object that can get and set dynamic properties of dynamic beans belonging to Java classes or interfaces for which it has registered.

Class Summary
BeanClassTyper This class is an implementation of DynamicBeanTyper that treats a java.lang.Class as a dynamic bean type, thus permitting a regular JavaBean to reveal its BeanInfo through the DynamicBeanInfo interface.
BeanPropertyMapper Implementation of DynamicPropertyMapper that works off of a bean's regular compile-time properties as discovered by introspection.
DynamicBeanDescriptor This class provides meta-information on a dynamic bean type, particularly for user interfaces that have to manipulate objects possessing DynamicTypes.
DynamicBeans Generic support for dynamic beans: objects exhibiting a set of dynamic properties at runtime.
DynamicBeanState A DynamicBeanState is used to package the state of a DynamicBean's properties and metadata in a serializable form, regardless of the serializability of the original DynamicBean.
DynamicBeanStateMapper Implementation of DynamicPropertyMapper that can work with a DynamicBeanState.
DynamicPropertyDescriptor This class is used to describe an individual dynamic property accessible via a DynamicPropertyMapper.
SerializableFeatureDescriptor Subclass of java.beans.FeatureDescriptor with Serialization support.
SimpleDynamicBeanInfo Simple template implementation of DynamicBeanInfo providing no-op values for most of its properties.
TaggedPropertyEditor A PropertyEditor implementation that wraps an existing PropertyEditor but adds the ability to map text values to/from a set of allowed tag values.

Exception Summary
PropertyNotFoundException Represents an exception thrown by a property mapper when it does not support the requested property.