Package atg.commerce.inventory

Interface Summary
InventoryManager This interface describes an inventory manager.

Class Summary
AbstractInventoryManagerImpl This class is designed to be a convenient way of quickly implementing an inventory manager.
CachedInventoryInfo Holds read-only inventory info about inventory objects (often SKUs)
CachingInventoryManager This class is configured with a datasource repository and a cache, and caches SKU items so that data may be fetched quickly and easily.
InventoryAvailabilityPropertyDescriptor In the most general case, this property descriptor can take a RepositoryItem and extract out of it a list of RepositoryItems.
InventoryCacheAdapter An implementation of the CacheAdapter that caches RepositoryItems for the purpose of reading their properties quickly.
InventoryDroplet This Dynamo Servlet Bean is an interface into the Inventory management services.
InventoryFormHandler This form handler can be used for three things: Display a subset of inventory items Change a property value for an inventory item Tell the InventoryManager that the inventory has been updated. It contains properties (both arrays of strings) for items that were backordered but are now in stock, and for items that were preordered but are now in stock.
InventoryInfo This class can be used to retrieve inventory information for a given sku on demand.
InventoryServices Helper methods to access and enhance InventoryManager services.
InventoryThresholdReached This class is an event that gets thrown when some threshold in the inventory has been reached.
LocalizingInventoryDroplet This Dynamo Servlet Bean is an interface into the Inventory management services.
LocalizingInventoryManager This class implements InventoryManager for the purpose of localizing inventory.
NoInventoryManager This implementation of the InventoryManager interface is intented to be merely a placeholder.
RepositoryInventoryManager This is a repository based implementation of InventoryManager.
SkuLinkComparator Used to compare sku links.

Exception Summary
InventoryException This is a generic exception which describes something going wrong during an Inventory call.
MissingInventoryItemException This exception gets thrown if there is no inventory information for some given sku.