Class CommerceFacetTrailDroplet

  extended by atg.nucleus.logging.VariableArgumentApplicationLoggingImpl
      extended by atg.nucleus.GenericService
          extended by atg.nucleus.TimedOperationService
              extended by atg.nucleus.servlet.ServletService
                  extended by atg.nucleus.servlet.HttpServletService
                      extended by atg.servlet.DynamoServlet
                          extended by
                              extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
NameContextBindingListener, NameContextElement, NameResolver, AdminableService, ApplicationLogging, atg.nucleus.logging.ApplicationLoggingSender, atg.nucleus.logging.TraceApplicationLogging, VariableArgumentApplicationLogging, ComponentNameResolver, Service, ServiceListener, ParameterServlet, java.util.EventListener, javax.servlet.Servlet
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public class CommerceFacetTrailDroplet
extends FacetTrailDroplet

Droplet class that provides a means of creating a FacetTrail bean object.

The droplet uses request parameters or url query parameters to create facet trail elements. Facet trail elements consist of the FacetValue objects and the current sort option. The parameters provided to the droplet may also add or remove facets from the trail.

If a parameter isn't specifically set then the droplet will check for it as a query parameter in the http request. Only the 'trail' parameter is mandatory and must either be set as a droplet parameter or else be present in the http request as a query parameter.

The query parameter names are configurable through the droplet's properties file however the droplet input parameter names are fixed.

Facet / Facet Value pairs are specified in a parameter string with a configurable separator (defaults to ':').

Here's an example. Here the user has selected facets for a 32" LCD Television costing $200-$300. In addition the user has just clicked to add a Panasonic brand facet value.


This example presumes the following refinement elements:
1 = Category.
2 = Price.
45 = Screen Size.
32 = Brand.
And the following categories exist:
cat444323 = Televisions.
cat33222 = LCD Televisions.

If a category facet value is removed from the trail then all sub categories are also removed. In addition any category specific facet values that no longer apply are also removed.

So heres a modified version of the example above where the user has now selected to remove the Television category from the trail:

The resulting trail will be:

i.e. The LCD sub category was removed and also the dependant category specific facet screen size.

Heres an alternative version of the example above where the user has selected to remove the LCD category from the trail:

The resulting trail will be:

i.e. Only the LCD category was removed. The screen size facet remains because it still applies to the Television category.

Here are the input parameters (These can also be passed as http request query parameters):

trail(Mandatory) String trail of facet/facet value pairs.
refineConfigThe refineConfig repository item to use for querying ES for this trail.
addFacetString facet/facet value pairs to add to the trail.
removeFacetString facet/facet value pairs to remove from the trail.
removeAllFacetsIf set to "true" then the trail is cleared.
removeFacetTypeA refinement element repository item id that causes the removal of all facet values with this facet.

There are 2 output parameters:

facetTrailFacetTrail bean generated from the parameters.
errorMessageString error message if an error occurs creating the FacetTrail bean.

There are 2 open parameters:

outputServiced if there are no problems creating the FacetTrail bean.
errorServiced for any errors creating the FacetTrail bean.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
          Class version string
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 CommerceFacetTrailTools getCommerceFacetTrailTools()
 FacetTrailTools getFacetTrailTools()
          get the facet trail tools
protected  RefinementConfiguration getRefinementConfiguration(DynamoHttpServletRequest pRequest, FacetTrailTools.FacetTrailElements pFacetTrailElements)
 void setCommerceFacetTrailTools(CommerceFacetTrailTools pCommerceFacetTrailTools)
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Field Detail


public static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
Class version string

Constructor Detail


public CommerceFacetTrailDroplet()
Method Detail


public void setCommerceFacetTrailTools(CommerceFacetTrailTools pCommerceFacetTrailTools)


public CommerceFacetTrailTools getCommerceFacetTrailTools()


public FacetTrailTools getFacetTrailTools()
get the facet trail tools

getFacetTrailTools in class FacetTrailDroplet


protected RefinementConfiguration getRefinementConfiguration(DynamoHttpServletRequest pRequest,
                                                             FacetTrailTools.FacetTrailElements pFacetTrailElements)
                                                      throws FacetException
getRefinementConfiguration in class FacetTrailDroplet