Interface Summary
RefinementConfigurationCollectorFactory Implementors of this interface can create RefinementConfigurationCollector objects, used by the RefinementConfigurationGenerator.
RefinementConfigurationContainer A RefinementConfigurationContainer is a "pointer" to a refinement configuration repository item.
RefinementConfigurationXMLHandler Implementations of this interface can do interesting things with byte arrays that contain a refinement configuration XML.
RefinementConfigurationXMLHandlerFactory In interface for factory classes that can create a refinement configuration XML handler.

Class Summary
CommerceRefinementConfiguration Well defined holder class for a 'commerceRefinementConfiguration' repository item's properties.
CommerceRefinementConfigurationCollector This class is responsible for walking the catalog structure, and creating a set of CommerceRefinementConfiguration objects to be converted to XML.
CommerceRefinementConfigurationPropertyManager Property manager class for a commerce 'refineConfig' repository item.
CompositeXMLHandlerFactory A refinement configuration XML handler factory that creates XML handlers that delegate XML handling to other XML handlers.
CustomCollectorFactory A refinement configuration collector factory that creates custom refinement configuration collector objects.
CustomRefinementConfiguration This class extends the commerceRefinementConfiguration class to add custom catalog specific properties.
CustomRefinementConfigurationCollector Extension of CommerceRefinementConfigurationCollector that can process custom catalogs.
CustomRefinementConfigurationGenerator Refinement configuration generator for custom catalogs.
CustomRefinementConfigurationPropertyManager Property manager class for a custom catalog 'refineConfig' repository item.
FileXMLHandlerFactory A refinement configuration xml handler factory that creates an XML handler that writes XML files to a given directory.
KeyedRefinementConfigurationContainer An extension of the PropertyRefinementConfigurationContainer that uses a key to find the correct refinement configuration item in a map.
PropertyRefinementConfigurationContainer An implementation of RefinementConfigurationContainer that, given an item descriptor, an id of an item with that descriptor, and a property name of that item, will retrieve the item with the given id, and return the value of the property with the given name, which must be a refineConfig item.
QueryRefinementConfigurationContainer An implementation of the RefinementConfigurationContainer interface that uses a query to find a particular refinement configuration item.
RefineConfigAdapter Search customization adapter for commerce refinements.
RefinementConfigurationCollector Base class for catalog refinement configuration collectors.
RefinementConfigurationGenerator Abstract base class for refinement configuration generators.
StandardRefinementConfigurationGenerator Looks up the root categories, and generates the refinement configurations for them.