Package atg.commerce.util

Interface Summary
AddressValidator Object that implement this interface know how to validate an address of type atg.core.util.Address or any of its subclasses.

Class Summary
AddressValidatorImpl This class provides a default implementation of AddressValidator.
ConcurrentUpdateDetector This class is intended to detect concurrent update attemps by checking exceptions to see if they are, or contain, ConcurrentUpdateExceptions (CUE) or InvalidVersionExceptions (IVE).
ContextValueRetriever Determines the appropriate value for a profile property based on a site, and possibly what is already in the profile.
MapToArrayDefaultFirst This droplet is used to convert a map of items to a sorted array of map entries with the default item in the beginning of the array.
PlaceList This class represents a list of places, each of which has a code and an associated display name.
PlaceList.Place Inner class used to associate a code with a display name to define a single place.
The class RepeatingRequestMonitor is designed for use as a session scoped component.
TransactionLockFactory The transaction lock factory is used to grab locks before beginning and ending a transaction.
TransactionLockService This class is used to acquire and release locks that are used before and after creating new transactions.