Package atg.epub.project

Interface Summary
AgentDef Class AgentDef ("Deployment Agent Definition")
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DeploymentLog Class DeploymentLog ("Deployment log")
DeploymentLogHome Finder Summaries
History Class History
HistoryHome Finder Summaries
PendingDeployment Class PendingDeployment ("Pending deployment")
PendingDeploymentHome Finder Summaries
Process Class Process
ProcessHome Finder Summaries
ProcessTaskInfo Class ProcessTaskInfo ("Process task information")
ProcessTaskInfoHome Finder Summaries
Project Class Project
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ReadOnlyProject Class ReadOnlyProject ("Readonly Project")
ReadOnlyProjectHome Finder Summaries
TargetDef Class TargetDef ("Deployment Target Definition")
TargetDefHome Finder Summaries
TopologyDef Class TopologyDef ("Deployment Topology Definition")
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TransportDef Class TransportDef ("Deployment Transport Definition")
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Class Summary
DeploymentLogEnumDeploymentMode This class holds the value of the DeploymentLog.deploymentMode property.
DeploymentLogEnumDeploymentType This class holds the value of the DeploymentLog.deploymentType property.
DeploymentLogEnumStatus This class holds the value of the DeploymentLog.status property.
EPubHomes This is the factory for obtaining pointers to this package's Home classes.
ProcessEnumStatus This class holds the value of the Process.status property.
ProjectConstants This class contains constant variables that are used throughout EPublishing.
ProjectEnumStatus This class holds the value of the Project.status property.
TransportDefEnumTransportType This class holds the value of the TransportDef.transportType property.

Exception Summary
InvalidAssetException This exception indicates that an invalid asset was supplied to an operation.