Package atg.naming

Interface Summary
NameContext A NameContext represents an interface for binding String names to Object "elements".
NameContextBindingEventSource This is an extension of NameContext that allows Listeners to be notified when elements are bound or unbound from the NameContext.
NameContextBindingListener A NameContextBindingListener is an object that can be notified of bind/unbind events from a NameContext.
NameContextElement A NameContextElement is an interface that may be implemented by objects that will be bound into a NameContext.
NameResolver A NameResolver represents an object that implements the name resolution strategies specific to some naming system.

Class Summary
NameContextBindingEvent A NameContextBindingEvent encapsulates the notification that an element has been bound or unbound from a NameContext.
NameContextImpl This is a straightforward implementation of NameContext.