Package atg.nucleus.logging

Interface Summary
ApplicationLogging Interface by which most Nucleus components log and which typically serves as a more developer-friendly front-end to sending events to LogListeners.
LogListener This simple logging interface contains a single method, logEvent(), which may do different things depending on the implementing class.
VariableArgumentApplicationLogging An interface for MessageFormat style variable argument application logging.

Class Summary
ApplicationLoggingImpl This is a straightforward implementation of ApplicationLogging that sends events to LogListeners.
DebugLogEvent A debug information log event.
DispatchLogger This log listener sorts LogEvents by type and sends them to respective log listeners.
DisplayLogger This is the base class for loggers which write to standard i/o devices such as a file or screen.
EmailLogger This log listener writes the logged events as an email message.
ErrorLogEvent An error log event that can take a message, a Throwable, or both.
FileLogger This log listener writes the logged events directly out to the configured log file.
InfoLogEvent An information log event.
LogEvent A basic log event.
LoggingQueue This is a simple thread that contains a GovernorQueue.
LogListenerQueue This is a queueing version of the interface atg.nucleus.logging.LogListener.
PrintStreamLogger This log listener writes the logged events directly to the configured print stream.
QueueingLogger The QueueingLogger is made to sit on top of a single LogListener, queueing log events so they don't actually get written out to the LogListener until a more convenient time.
RotatingFileLogger This subclass of FileLogger will "rotate" logs according to a schedule.
VariableArgumentApplicationLoggingImpl An implementation of the methods added by VariableArgumentApplicationLogging.
VariableArgumentApplicationLoggingUtil Implementation class for variable argument logging utility methods.
WarningLogEvent A warning log event that can take a message, a Throwable, or both.