Package atg.portal.framework

Interface Summary
BaseEnvironment A BaseEnvironment represents the context in which a portal request renders.
ColorPalette An interface used to describe a color set.
Community A community is a collection of portal users and content.
DeviceOutput Represents a device output
DisplayMode Object representing a display mode
Environment An Environment represents the context in which a page renders.
Gear Gears are the building blocks for portals.
GearDefinition Represents a gear definition
GearEnvironment A GearEnvironment represents the context in which a gear renders.
GearMode Object representing a gear mode
GearParameter Represents an gear parameter
GearTitleBarDefinition Represents a Gears Titlebar Definition
GearTitleBarMode Object representing a titlebar mode
Layout Represents a layout
MembershipRequest An interface used to describe a membership request.
Page Pages are components which allow for the arrangment of multiple gears.
PageTemplate Represents a page templates
PersonalizedPage A page that has been customized or created by a portal community visitor
Portal Base-level object that describes a portal.
PortalObjectResolver Interface that must be implemented to create a new portal object resolver.
Region A context in which gears are rendered.
RegionDefinition Represents a region definition
Style An interface used to describe a theme.

Class Summary
GearConfigFormHandler The GearConfigFormHandler is intended for use with instanceConfig, installConfig, initialConfig, and userConfig gear pages.
GearHeightEnum Enumerations for gear heights
GearWidthEnum Enumerations for gear widths
PortalManager Root-level access methods for the Portal API.
PortalObjects A set of objects that define a portal dispatch environment.
RegionHeightEnum Enumerations for region heights
RegionWidthEnum Enumeration for region widths
RequestUtilities A set of utilities for extracting portal objects out of a request.

Exception Summary
PortalException This is the base exception class for all portal exceptions.