Package atg.projects.b2bstore.order

Class Summary
AverageOrderAction This Action handles updating user profile with avg order amount whenever he places new order.
CancelOrder Deprecated. Use the atg.commerce.order.purchase.CancelOrderFormHandler instead
ItemsSplitbyType This servlet takes order and type parameter and returns whether the type is split at the item level instead of order level.
OrderCanceller Deprecated. Use the atg.commerce.order.CancelOrderService instead
ProcessorConstants This file contains the constants to be used in ProcChangeCatalogRefOfProfile class.
ProcUpdateCatalogRefOfProfile This processor is called in the final stages of processOrder chain.
ShippingGroupSubtotal This servlet takes Shipping Group as an input parameter and returns the total price of all the commerce items in the Shipping Group according to the quantity.
UserCreditCardAuthorizer The UserCreditCardAuthorizer authorizes a credit card payment type for a particular user.
UserGiftCertificateAuthorizer The UserGiftCertificateAuthorizer authorizes a gift certificate payment type for a particular user.
UserInvoiceRequestAuthorizer The UserInvoiceRequestAuthorizer authorizes an invoice request payment type for a particular user.
UserStoreCreditAuthorizer The UserStoreCreditAuthorizer authorizes a store credit payment type for a particular user.