Class RepositorySorter

  extended by atg.repository.RepositorySorter

public class RepositorySorter
extends java.lang.Object

A RepositorySorter performs sorting on an array of RepositoryItem objects, returned as a result of a targeting operation. Sorting is done using the QuickSort algorithm. The passed in SortDirectives object determines how pairs of elements are ordered during sorting.

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Field Summary
static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
          Class version string
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static int compare(java.lang.Object pObject1, java.lang.Object pObject2, int pDirection, boolean pCaseSensitive)
          Compares two object values.
static RepositoryItem[] sort(RepositoryItem[] pItems, SortDirectives pSortDirectives)
          Sorts the specified array of RepositoryItem objects according to sorting directives specified by pSortDirectives.
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Field Detail


public static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
Class version string

Constructor Detail


public RepositorySorter()
Method Detail


public static RepositoryItem[] sort(RepositoryItem[] pItems,
                                    SortDirectives pSortDirectives)
Sorts the specified array of RepositoryItem objects according to sorting directives specified by pSortDirectives. Returns the sorted array; the original array may also be modified.

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public static int compare(java.lang.Object pObject1,
                          java.lang.Object pObject2,
                          int pDirection,
                          boolean pCaseSensitive)
Compares two object values. Returns an integer that is < 0 if pObject1 should come before pObject2, > 0 if pObject should come after pObject2, or 0 if the order is indeterminate (i.e., either the two objects are equal, or they are not comparable).

This method knows how to compare objects of the following types: Number, String, Character (using numeric values of the chars), Date, File (using canonical path of the files), and URL (using string representation of the URLs).

pDirection - direction in which the objects should be ordered: one of SortDirective.DIR_ASCENDING or SortDirective.DIR_DESCENDING
pCaseSensitive - true if compare should be case sensitive
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