Interface PropertyValuesFilter

All Known Implementing Classes:
ConcatFilter, UniqueFilter

public interface PropertyValuesFilter

The filter interface. Used to filter/modify/process multiple occurances of values in a document. Implementations of this class can be used to concatonate, reorder or add values. Filters are applied toward the end of document creation, after all the property values have been gathered. They may be applied before or after PropertyFormatters, depending on the result of the applyAfterFormatting() method.

Filters are referenced via a "filter" attribute on a "property" element in the indexing output XML configuration file. Typically a PropertyValuesFilter is instantiated via a nucleus component, and associated with a name via the filterMap on a IndexingOutputConfig. Created: April 28 2005

Field Summary
static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
          Class version string
Method Summary
 boolean applyAfterFormatting()
          Whether to apply summarizing after formatting/stringification.[] filter(java.lang.String pPropertyName,[] pValueAndSecurities)
          Summarize the specified values.

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static final java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
Class version string

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Method Detail


boolean applyAfterFormatting()
Whether to apply summarizing after formatting/stringification. Note that even if you return "false" here, it's possible a previous filter returning true caused formatting to occur.

If this method returns true, a PropertyFormatter is invoked to convert any values into strings.

true if values should have been formatted/stringified before the filter is invoked, false either formatted or unformatted is okay.

filter[] filter(java.lang.String pPropertyName,
                                               [] pValueAndSecurities)
Summarize the specified values. Return the summarized list of values. Some summarizes ("add" or "concat") might return an array with a single element. Others ("unique" or "split") might return multiple values.

pPropertyName - the name of the property
pValueAndSecurities - and array of values with their corresponding security elements.