Interface Summary
SearchUpdateCollector Interface implemented by any class that will collect data for the SearchUpdateAdapter


Class Summary
FieldVariableRankingProperty Component representing the $field variable ranking property.
RankConfigAdapter This adapter should be registered with the search engine and will return RankConfigItem objects for each search configuration in the refinement repository.
RankConfigItem The search engine will expect an object of this class for each search configuration in the repository.
RepositoryIterator An instance of this class can be configured to act as an iterator through a repository for a given item descriptor.
SearchConfigurationXMLGenerator The SearchConfigurationXMLGenerator class (in the package) is a Nucleus service that takes a searchConfig repository item and creates search-config XML.
SearchUpdateAdapter This class is a search adapter to collect dynamically changing data for a specific type of item.
The adapter will be registered with search administration and should be kicked off regularly.
It contains a list of collector classes which carry out the specific data collection and an xml generator.
The xml generator creates the xml required by the search engine from an array of SearchUpdateOutputProperty objects.
Typically this adapter is configured to collect data for all sku or products in the product catalog.
It will iterate through the items and call the collectors to process them.
SearchUpdateCustomizationItem This class implements the search customization item interface to hold the search update data for the search engine.
SearchUpdateXMLGenerator The SearchUpdateXMLGenerator is a Nucleus service that takes a list of SearchUpdateOutputProperty item and creates XML for the search engine.

Exception Summary
SearchUpdateException Exception thrown for problems in the SearchUpdateAdapter process.