Interface Summary
MetaPropertyFormatter Implementations of this interface can return a UI display name for the given MetaProperty and Locale.
MetaPropertyProvider Implementations of this interface provide one or more properties for use in search merch.
MetaPropertyValueFormatter Implementations of this interface should be able to convert a value from search results, i.e.

Class Summary
DefaultMetaPropertyValueFormatter Default implementation of MetaPropertyValueFormatter interface.
MetaPropertiesHelper A class that is used by the UI to determine the property name, type, and localized display name for properties available for search indexing.
MetaPropertiesHelperRegistry A very simple registry mapping application name keys to values that are components of type MetaPropertiesHelper.
MetaPropertiesTyper This class is an implementation of DynamicBeanTyper that treats a java.util.Map of MetaProperty as a dynamic bean type, thus permitting a Map to reveal a quasi-BeanInfo through the DynamicBeanInfo interface.
MetaProperty The Property class provides the information necessary for the UI to display a property that is available.
MetaPropertyValueFormatterRegistry Registry mapping propertyNames keys to values that are components of type MetaPropertyValueFormatter.