Interface Summary

Class Summary
Facet This is an abstract bean class that represents a refinement element.
FacetHolder This class holds a single facet and the facet values that are associated with it.
FacetManager Manager class to get and set items in the refinement repository.
FacetSearchTools Processor for search requests to handle refinements.
FacetTrail This is a bean class that holds details about the current facet trail.
FacetTrailDroplet Droplet class that provides a means of creating a FacetTrail bean object.
FacetTrailTools.FacetTrailElements Holder class for elements parsed out from the facet trail string.
FacetValue This is a bean class that holds reference to a facet and one of its values.
FacetValueNode Represents a facet value in a hierarchical tree-like structure.
RangeFacetValue An extension to the FacetValue class which represents a range value
RefinementFacet Represents a refinement element that exists in the refinement repository.
RefinementValueDroplet A Droplet that parses refinement values into human-readable strings.
SearchFacet Represents a text search refinement element, where a user has typed in a search term in an input field and clicked on an associated Search button.
UserResourceLookup This User Resource Constants file is for the atg\search\query\refinement package.

Exception Summary