Package atg.repository.seo

Interface Summary
UrlTemplateMapper Interface for mapping item descriptors to UrlTemplate instances.

Class Summary
DirectUrlTemplate Subclass of UrlTemplate that represents a Url mapping directly into the web application.
IndirectUrlTemplate Represents the template for an indirect URL.
ItemLink Droplet that generates a Url String for a repository item.
JumpServlet The JumpServlet class supports search engine optimization (SEO).
MappedJumpServlet Front-end to the JumpServlet servlet that is intended to be used with third party application servers.
UrlParameter Class that represents a parameter in a UrlTemplate.
UrlParameterLookup Class that represents a parameter in a UrlTemplate.
UrlTemplate Abtract base class representing a template for a Url.
UrlTemplateMapperImpl Class to hold a list of UrlTemplate components.