Interface Summary
ResultsFetchingProxy The interface implemented by classes that wish to customize how search results are fetched from the search server.
SearchRedirectProcessor The has a property that contains a list of SearchRedirectProcessor components.
SearchRequestProcessor The has a property that contains a list of SearchRequestProcessor components.
SearchResponseProcessor The has a property that contains a list of SearchResponseProcessor components.

Class Summary
BaseSearchFormHandler This class provides the generic functionality for executing queries against the search server and retrieving results.
BrowseFormHandler This form handler issues browse requests.
CategorizeFormHandler This form handler issues Categorize Requests.
CollectionFilterFetchingProxy A results fetcher that uses a collection filter to filter search results on the client side.
PagedRequestFormHandler This is a formhandler for paged requests.
QueryFormHandler This form handler issues query requests.
SearchContext This component provides a place to store session data for use by search form handlers.
SimilarDocsFormHandler This form handler issues requests using the <similardocs> tag, which also corresponds to the ClientSimilarDocsRequest of the searchclient API.
StructuredQueryFormHandler This form handler issues multistatement requests.
TreeQueryFormHandler This form handler issues tree query requests.
TypeAheadDroplet User: sgreene Date: Mar 3, 2009 Time: 4:45:14 PM This is droplet that returns a simple list of response strings for a typeahead request.
TypeAheadFormHandler This form handler issues TypeAhead Requests.
ViewDocumentFormHandler This form handler issues requests using the ViewDocumentRequest.