Package atg.service.datacollection

Interface Summary
DataListener An event listener that listens for data items.

Class Summary
DataCollectorQueue This is a queueing version of the interface atg.service.datacollection.DataCollector.
DataItem A basic data item.
DataListenerQueue This is a queueing version of the interface atg.service.datacollection.DataListener.
DataSource Sample data source implementation.
FormatField A FormatField represents a single field in a line of formatted text.
FormatFieldEditor Turns a FormatField into a String and vice versa.
FormatFieldPropertyValueParser PropertyValueParser for a format field.
FormattingConsoleLogger FormattingLogger that writes items to System.out
FormattingFileLogger A FormattingLogger that logs items to the named file.
FormattingLogger Base class for data collection loggers that emit plain text output.
FormattingSummaryConsoleLogger FormattingSummaryLogger that writes items to System.out
FormattingSummaryFileLogger A FormattingSummaryLogger that logs items to the named file.
FormattingSummaryLogger Formats summary items and prints them to output stream.
GenericSummarizer This is a data collector that summarizes data items into summary items which in turn can be queued or summarized further.
JTSQLTableLogger A DataCollector that logs items to an SQL table.
JTSQLTableSummaryLogger JTSQLTableSummary logger that logs summary events
SQLColumnMapping A mapping of a name to a column name.
SQLColumnMappingEditor PropertyEditor for SQLColumnMapping
SQLColumnMappingPropertyValueParser PropertyValueParser for SQLColumnMapping
SQLTableLogger Deprecated. replaced by JTSQLTableLogger
SQLTableSummaryLogger Deprecated. replaced by JTSQLTableSummaryLogger
SummaryItem A data item that holds summary information.