Package atg.service.resourcepool

Interface Summary
ConnectionStats This interface represents an object that is able to maintain statistics about JDBC connections, including the number of statements issued and number of result set rows read.

Class Summary
JDBCConnectionPool Deprecated. use atg.service.jdbc.MonitoredDataSource
JNDIInitialContextPool A pool of JNDI InitialContext objects.
MonitoredCallableStatement This class is a wrapper for java.sql.CallableStatement.
MonitoredConnection This class is a wrapper for java.sql.Connection.
MonitoredPreparedStatement This class is a wrapper for java.sql.PreparedStatement.
MonitoredStatement This class is a wrapper for java.sql.Statement.
ResourceObject Wraps around a pooled resource keeping vital information on the pooling state of the resource.
ResourcePool ResourcePool manages a pool of objects which can be checked in and out for reuse.

Exception Summary
ResourcePoolException Errors with the Resource Pool