Class BrowserTyper

  extended by atg.nucleus.logging.VariableArgumentApplicationLoggingImpl
      extended by atg.nucleus.GenericService
          extended by atg.nucleus.TimedOperationService
              extended by atg.nucleus.servlet.ServletService
                  extended by atg.nucleus.servlet.HttpServletService
                      extended by atg.servlet.DynamoServlet
                          extended by atg.servlet.BrowserTyper
All Implemented Interfaces:
NameContextBindingListener, NameContextElement, NameResolver, AdminableService, ApplicationLogging, atg.nucleus.logging.ApplicationLoggingSender, atg.nucleus.logging.TraceApplicationLogging, VariableArgumentApplicationLogging, ComponentNameResolver, Service, ServiceListener, ParameterServlet, java.util.EventListener, javax.servlet.Servlet

public class BrowserTyper
extends DynamoServlet

This service allows you to determine the capabilities of a particular browser. Browsers are identified by the user-agent header field in the request. The BrowserTyper manages a list of BrowserTypes - each of which has a name that identifies it and a list of patterns for matching user-agent fields.

This class takes a single property which is a list of BrowserType.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
          Class version string
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 BrowserType[] getBrowserTypes()
          Returns the value of the BrowserTypes property
static boolean isBrowserType(BrowserType pType, java.lang.String pUserAgent)
          Returns true if the user agent matches the browser type.
 boolean isBrowserType(java.lang.String pType, java.lang.String pUserAgent)
          Returns true if this user agent is a member of the type specified
 void service(DynamoHttpServletRequest pRequest, DynamoHttpServletResponse pResponse)
          Runs through all the BrowserTypes and informs the user what features they support
 void setBrowserTypes(BrowserType[] pTypes)
          Sets the list of BrowserTypes for this component
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Field Detail


public static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
Class version string

Constructor Detail


public BrowserTyper()
Method Detail


public void service(DynamoHttpServletRequest pRequest,
                    DynamoHttpServletResponse pResponse)
             throws javax.servlet.ServletException,
Runs through all the BrowserTypes and informs the user what features they support

service in class DynamoServlet
pRequest - the request to be processed
pResponse - the response object for this request
javax.servlet.ServletException - an application specific error occurred processing this request - an error occurred reading data from the request or writing data to the response.


public boolean isBrowserType(java.lang.String pType,
                             java.lang.String pUserAgent)
Returns true if this user agent is a member of the type specified

java.util.NoSuchElementException - if the type specified is not a recognized browser type.


public static boolean isBrowserType(BrowserType pType,
                                    java.lang.String pUserAgent)
Returns true if the user agent matches the browser type.

java.util.NoSuchElementException - if the type specified does not have any matching patterns.


public void setBrowserTypes(BrowserType[] pTypes)
Sets the list of BrowserTypes for this component


public BrowserType[] getBrowserTypes()
Returns the value of the BrowserTypes property