Package atg.userdirectory

Interface Summary
DirectoryPrincipal A DirectoryPrincipal is a Principal that is managed by a UserDirectory.
Organization An Organization is a Principal representing an organization in the organizational graph of a user directory.
OrganizationalEntity An OrganizationalEntity is a Principal that can belong to an organization, in other words an Organization or a User.
RelativeRole A RelativeRole is an role that represents the fullfillment of some function relative to a specific principal.
Role A Role is a DirectoryPrincipal representing a role that may be played by one or more OrganizationalEntity.
RoleFolder A RoleFolder is a collection of child Roles and RoleFolders that serves as a organizing element for the space of global roles.
User An Organization is a Principal representing an individual user.
UserDirectory A UserDirectory represents an abstraction of an persistent organizational tree containing Users and Organizations.

Class Summary
UserDirectoryTools A set of useful methods that act upon a set user directory instance.
UserDirectoryUserAuthority A user authority appropriate for working with one or more user directories.

Exception Summary
DirectoryModificationException An exception representing a failure to modify a UserDirectory, and which may contains a source exception.
RoleNotAssignableException An exception representing an attempt to treat a dynamic role as if it were assignable.