Package atg.workflow

Interface Summary
TaskAccessRights Access rights associated with a workflow task.
WorkflowAccessRights Access rights associated with a workflow.
WorkflowConstants Assorted constants used by this package.
WorkflowManager The primary interface exposing features of the workflow system.
WorkflowView An interface exposing workflow features to a notional user of the workflow system.

Class Summary
ElementDescriptor Description of some element of a workflow.
OutcomeDescriptor Description of an outcome for some task as specified in a workflow.
TaskDescriptor Description of a task as specified in a workflow.
TaskInfo Description of the runtime state of an identified task relative to some workflow instance.
TaskQueryOptions A bean which holds filtering and sorting criteria to be used when querying for tasks.
WorkflowDescriptor Description of a workflow including all of its tasks.

Exception Summary
ActorAccessException An exception that can occur when attempting to execute a task on behalf of a user who isn't authorized to perform it.
MissingWorkflowDescriptionException An exception that occurs when a workflow description cannot be found.
WorkflowException An exception that occurs when operating on workflows.