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System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris 9 Containers     Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers
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1.  Introduction to Solaris 9 Containers

2.  Obtaining and Installing the Software

3.  Assessing a Solaris 9 System and Creating an Archive

4.  Configuring a Solaris9 Zone

5.  Installing the solaris9 Zone

6.  Booting a Zone and Zone Migration

7.  About Zone Login and Post-Installation Configuration

Internal Zone Configuration

How to Log In to the Zone Console to Complete System Identification

Applying Solaris 9 Patches in the Container

Tuning /etc/system and Using Resource Controls

Modifying /etc/system

Using zonecfg to Set Resource Controls

Running X11 Applications in a solaris9 Branded Zone

How to Use ssh X11 Forwarding

A.  solaris9(5) Man Page


Applying Solaris 9 Patches in the Container

Solaris 9 patches can be applied to the Solaris 9 environment from within the container, using the same process as on a standalone system. Obtain the patch and, while running in the solaris9 zone, run patchadd to install the patch. Note that because the kernel is actually a Solaris 10 kernel, patches that alter any Solaris 9 kernel bits will not take effect. In this case, the equivalent Solaris 10 patch should be applied in the global zone if needed. Even though Solaris 9 patches delivering kernel updates have no effect within the zone, they are still required to satisfy patch dependencies.

For more information on patching Solaris 9 systems, see Chapter 24 Managing Solaris Patches (Overview) in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration.