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SPARC T4-1B Server Module

Product Notes

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Document Information

1.  Late-Breaking Information

Supported Chassis

Identify Your Chassis Version

Supported Hardware Components

Preinstalled Software

Minimum Supported Versions of the OS, Firmware, and Software

Required OS Patches and Package Updates

Oracle Solaris 11 OS Package Updates

Oracle Solaris 10 OS Patches

Obtain Patches

Important Firmware Upgrade Required Prior to Mixing SAS-1 and SAS-2 Components

Identifying Drive Logical Device Names and Physical Locations

Correlate WWN Device Names With Physical Locations (diskinfo Command)

Correlate WWN Device Names With Physical Locations (probe-scsi-all Command)

Oracle Solaris Jumpstart WWN Syntax

Interactive Installation Example

2.  Known Product Issues

Hardware Issues

Sun Type 6 Keyboards are Not Supported by SPARC T4 Series Servers

PSH Might Not Clear a Retired Cache Line on a Replaced Motherboard (CR 7031216)

2-Meter USB Cable Length Limit (7048419)

Uncorrectable L2 Cache Errors are Sometimes Reported as Core Faults Without Any Cache Line Retirement (CR 7071237 and CR 7071974)

During a Reboot After an Unrecoverable Hardware Error, CPUs Might Not Start (CR 7075336)

Blue LED on Drive Does Not Light When the Drive is Ready to Remove (CR 7082700)

Firmware, OS, and Other Software Issues

fault.memory.memlink-uc Fault Did Not Cause Panic as Stated by System Message (CR 6940599)

Timestamp for an Oracle ILOM Fault/Critical Event Might Be off by One Hour (CR 6943957)

e1000g Driver Generates Spurious ereports When Installing Oracle Solaris OS Over a Sun PCIe Dual Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (CR 6958011)

When diag-switch? Is Set to true, Oracle Solaris OS Fails to Update the EEPROM for Automatic Rebooting (CR 6982060)

Unable to Configure RAID Volume Sizes Other Than the Max Size When Using the sas2ircu Command (CR 6983210)

Fault Management Sometimes Sends Resolved Cases to the SP (CR 6983432)

Units Used to Define the MIB Power Management Time Limit are Reported in Seconds (CR 6993008)

Spurious Interrupt Message in System Console When Using Oracle VTS (CR 7038266)

Intermittent Link Training Timeout Displayed During Power Cycles (CR 7043201)

The cfgadm Command Might Fail on SG-SAS6-REM-Z or SGX-SAS6-REM-Z HBAs (CR 7044759)

Message From cpustat Refers to Processor Documentation Incorrectly (CR 7046898)

Using trapstat Might Cause a Panic (CR 7052070)

reboot disk Command Occasionally Fails When disk Argument Picks Up Extra Characters (CR 7050975)

PCIe Correctable Errors Might Be Reported (CR 7051331)

Watchdog Timeouts Seen With Heavy Workloads and Maximum Memory Configurations (CR 7083001) Generated During a Reboot of an SDIO Domain (CR 7085231)

Oracle VTS dtlbtest Hangs When CPU Threading Mode is Set to max-ipc (CR 7094158)

Cold Reset Adds One Day to System Time (CR 7127740)

Supported Chassis

Several versions of the Sun Blade 6000 modular system have been available. The latest two versions support SAS-1 and SAS-2 modular components.

Gen2-capable PCIe EMs and NEMs connected to this server module through the chassis run at Gen2 speeds. Gen1-capable devices run at Gen1 speeds.

This server module is supported in the following chassis models:

To determine your chassis version, see Identify Your Chassis Version.

Identify Your Chassis Version