A Files and Directories in the Google Apps Connector Installation Package

This appendix provides the list of files and directories in the connector installation package and their descriptions.

Table A-1 Files and Directories In the Installation Package

File in the Installation Packages Description


This JAR is the Identity Connector bundle. See Connector Architecture for information about this bundle.


This XML file contains configuration information that is used during connector installation.

Files in the dataset directory



These XML files specify the information to be submitted by the requester during a request-based provisioning operation.

Note: These files will not be used if you are using Oracle Identity Manager release 11.1.2.x or later.


Each of these resource bundles contains language-specific information that is used by the connector. During connector deployment, this file is copied to the Oracle Identity Manager database.

Note: A resource bundle is a file containing localized versions of the text strings that include GUI element labels and messages.

xml/Google Apps-ConnectorConfig.xml

This XML file contains definitions for the following connector objects:

  • IT resource definition

  • Process form

  • Lookup definitions

  • Resource object

  • Process definition

  • Scheduled tasks


This XML file contains the dataset file in DM format.

Note: This dataset must not be imported if you are using Oracle Identity Manager release 11.1.2.x or later.