A Files and Directories of the Generic SCIM Connector

This appendix lists the tables that describe the files and directories corresponding to the Generic SCIM connector.

Table A-1 describes the files and directories on the installation media.

Table A-1 Files and Directories on the Connector Installation Media

File in the Installation Media Directory Description


This JAR file is the ICF connector bundle.


This XML file contains configuration information. The Connector Installer uses this XML file to create connector components.


This directory contains information about the Java APIs used by the connector.



This file contains commands to run the metadata generator.

Note that the .cmd file is the Microsoft Windows version of the metadata generator. Similarly, the .sh file is the UNIX version of the metadata generator.



These files contain the commands that add the JAR files (located in the lib directory) to the classpath on Microsoft Windows.


This file contains the default logging configurations of the metadata generation utility.


This JAR files contains class files that implement ICF.


This JAR file contains class files that define the ICF Application Programming Interface (API). This API is used communicate between Oracle Identity Manager and this connector.


This JAR file contains the class files of the metadata generation utility.


This JAR file contains the groovy libraries required for running the metadata generator.


This JAR file is the ICF connector bundle. This file is used during metadata generation.


This file contains properties that store basic information about the target system schema, which is used to configure the mode (trusted source or target resource) in which you want to run the connector. In addition, it stores information about the manner in which the connector must connect to the target system.

Table A-2 describes the files and directories in the generated connector package.

Table A-2 Files and Directories in the Generated Connector Package

File in the Connector Package Description


This XML file contains configuration information that is used by the Connector Installer during the connector installation process.


This property file contains locale-specific properties. You can use this file as a template to add or update locale-related properties.

xml/IT_RES_DEF-ConnectorConfig.xml file

This XML file contains definitions for connector components such as IT resource, lookup definitions, scheduled tasks, process forms, and resource objects.

This file is also referred to as the connector configuration file.