A Files and Directories of the ServiceNow Connector

These are the components of the connector installation media that comprise the connector.

Table A-1 Files and Directories On the Installation Media

File in the Installation Media Directory Description

This JAR file is the ICF connector bundle.

configuration/ServiceNow-CI.xml This XML file contains configuration information that is used during connector installation
Files in the resources directory

Each of these resource bundles contains language-specific information that is used by the connector. During connector installation, these resource bundles are copied to the Oracle Identity Manager database.

Note: A resource bundle is a file containing localized versions of the text strings that include GUI element labels and messages.


This XML file contains definitions for the following connector objects:

  • IT resource definition

  • Process forms

  • Process tasks and adapters

  • Lookup definitions

  • Resource objects

  • Process definition

  • Scheduled tasks

  • Reconciliation rules