Package com.plumtree.portalpages.admin.editors.crawler

Interface Summary
ICrawlerModelRO This interface is implemented by the Model.

Class Summary
AdvSettingsDP This DP displays the Views for the advanced settings page.
AMainDP This DP displays the Views for the main page.
CrawlerDependenciesView This Section contains the HTML for the dependencies page.
CrawlerEditorAS This is the AS class for the Crawler Editor.
CrawlerModel This is the main Editor Model for the Crawler Editor.
CrawlerRepostControl This is the main repost control for the Crawler Editor.
DestFolderSettingsView View class for the Destination Folders.
DocTypeDP This DP displays the Views for the document type page.
ImportingDocsView View for the Import Documents section.
LinkSettingsDP This DP displays the Views for the link settings page.
RejectedDocsView View for the Rejected Documents section.

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