Package com.plumtree.portalpages.common.joblogs

Interface Summary
IJobLogModelRO This read-only interface provides access to the member variables in the JobLogModel class.

Class Summary
HistoryView This class displays the HTML for the Job History action bar
HistoryViewHelper This helper class is used in all three contexts the job history is displayed: The automation server editor, the Job editor, and the Job History portlet.
JobLogDisplayDP This class extends EditorDP and displays the History page of the Job Editor.
JobLogDisplayView JobLogDisplayView creates the HTML for the "popup" for viewing job logs.
JobLogModel This is a helper model class implemented to support the display and browsing of Job histories and job logs.
JobLogModelHelper This helper class contains the implementation of the functions that the Job Log Model needs.
JobLogRepostControl Performs repost actions for the Job history and job log helper package

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