Package com.plumtree.portalpages.common.uiparts

Interface Summary
INavigationModelRO Navigation model interface for MVC and pluggable navigation.

Class Summary
DefaultFooterView The View for the default Footer if none is assigned or found.
DefaultHeaderView The View for the default Header if none is assigned or found.
JoinCurCommunityControl Joining a community from the navigation Join this Community link.
NavigationCommonHelpers Common static navigation helper functions.
NavigationControl Control for collapsing and expanding Navigation sections in left vertical views.
NavigationJSPortalMenuHelpers NavigationJSPortalMenuHelpers provides helper methods to pluggable navigations that use the Plumtree JS Portal Menu Drop Downs.
NavigationModel Core model for all navigation.
PlumtreeAS This is the base class for all AS's with a banner.
PlumtreeDP Main display page for the Portal product.
RulesDebugMSGAS This is the AS for Rules Debugging Messages.

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