Class SecurityModeFilter

  extended by com.plumtree.uiinfrastructure.interpreter.filter.BaseInterpreterFilter
      extended by com.plumtree.uiinfrastructure.interpreter.filter.SecurityModeFilter
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public class SecurityModeFilter
extends BaseInterpreterFilter

A filter to check the security of the incoming request whether it conforms to the security mode setting, in particular the security mode 2. Security mode 1 check will be performed by the MVC controller.

Julie Fournier, William Adjie-Winoto (Writing this new class)

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean PreFilter(RequestData requestData)
          Check the whether the incoming request satisfy the security mode setting.
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Constructor Detail


public SecurityModeFilter()
Method Detail


public boolean PreFilter(RequestData requestData)
Check the whether the incoming request satisfy the security mode setting. The filter is effective when security mode is 2, and the incoming request does not come from a secure port, in which case the PreFilter method will send an HTTP redirect to the corresponding secure URL (and return true to indicate that the Interpreter shall not process this request further).

Specified by:
PreFilter in interface IInterpreterFilter
PreFilter in class BaseInterpreterFilter
requestData - The request to be processed.
a boolean indicating whether the request should be filtered out. A boolean true indicates that the filter has performed the necessary processing for the request and the Interpreter shall not do any further processing of it.

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