Package com.plumtree.uiinfrastructure.tree

Interface Summary
ITreeModel This interface contains all of the writable (set) methods that a tree model must implement.
ITreeModelRO This interface provides read only access to the tree.

Class Summary
AStartTreeControl This abstract class handles setting most of the portal independent variables on the ITreeModel when a new tree is started.
ATreeModel This model handles generating a tree for admin objects.
RefreshTreeControl This control is used to re-open a previously opened tree and refresh the contents (which objects are selected, etc...).
TreeBarView Display the action sub-title for the tree frame.
TreeCompositeIterator This iterator is used for walking through the tree.
TreeCompositeNode This class represents composite nodes in the tree such as folders, or browseable groups.
TreeConstants This class contains tree constants.
TreeDataHelpers This class provides static methods to parse the data returned by the tree for selected items.
TreeDP This page displays the main section of the tree, including the sub-title bar.
TreeFrameDP The main frameset for the tree.
TreeHeaderDP The header displays common code and the header bar at the top of the tree.
TreeLeafIterator This iterator is used for walking through the tree.
TreeLeafNode This class represents a node in the tree.
TreeRepostControl The tree repost control handles the common actions in the tree, such as expanding nodes.
TreeView This view displays a tree (TreeCompositeNode) generated by an ITreeModel.

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