Package com.plumtree.uiinfrastructure.web

Interface Summary
IApplication Title: IApplication
ICacheUpdateListener Interface defining a method, update, used for callbacks from ISessionManager.
IPerfCounterHelper Interface to allow perf counter implementations to use uiinfrastructure code
ISessionManager Interface defines the majority of the functionality outlined in the requirements.
IVarPack Title: IVarPack
IXPPage Interface that defines the XP DoService method that is the entry point.

Class Summary
Application Title: Application
ApplicationManager Title: Application Manager
BaseVarPack Base class for var packs to extend.
CachingManager Title: Caching Manager
DefaultSessionManager Title: Session Manager
PerfCounters Performance counter core, calls derived perf counters set at init
SessionListener Class to listen for HTTP session start and end events for proper session counting
SessionManagerFactory Factory class for getting an instance of ISessionManager.
XPPage Abstract class that extends the platform specific Servlet/Page.

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