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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebCenter Interaction
10g Release 4 ( for Windows

Part Number E14549-06
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1 Oracle WebCenter Interaction Installer Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the components available in the Oracle WebCenter Interaction installer and the steps necessary to install those components.

Oracle WebCenter Interaction Components

The Oracle WebCenter Interaction installer includes the following components:

Installation Roadmap

This section provides an overview of the steps necessary to deploy Oracle WebCenter Interaction.

  1. Prepare your computers for installation by confirming that you have the required software, users and permissions, environment variables, and such as described in Chapter 2, "Installation Prerequisites."

  2. Run the installer as described in Chapter 3, "Installing Oracle WebCenter Interaction."

  3. Create and configure the databases used by Oracle WebCenter Interaction as described in Chapter 4, "Creating and Configuring Databases for Oracle WebCenter Interaction."

  4. Start the Oracle WebCenter Interaction services, run diagnostics scripts to verify your installation, start the portal, and import the portal objects in the migration packages as described in Chapter 5, "Postinstallation Tasks."

  5. Perform additional postinstallation for optional components as described in the following appendixes: