Portlet Page Tags for Adaptive Layout
Tag portlethelpbuttondisplay

Displays the help button of a portlet from a data object, specified by the pt:datavar attribute.

<pt:portletpage.portletregiondata pt:key="var1" pt:region="1"/>
<pt:logic.foreach pt:data="var1" pt:var="curr">
<pt:portletpage.portlethelpbuttondisplay pt:datavar="curr"/>
Displays the first entry in the collection
<pt:portletpage.portlethelpbuttondisplay pt:datavar="var1" colindex="0" />

Tag Information
Tag Nameportlethelpbuttondisplay

NameTypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
datavarstringtruenullThe key to the tag memory variable with portlet data to display. The data is set by portletpage.portletregiondata and other similar data tags. This tag is also able to display a single portlet in a collection of portlet data. Use the pt:colindex attribute to specify the index in the collection.
colindexintfalse0Used to get portlet data from a specific index in a collection if the pt:datavar attribute references a portlet data collection instead of a single portlet. The default value is 0 (the first entry in the collection). The value of this attribute is ignored if pt:datavar refers to a single portlet data IDataObject. Use this tag together with the logic.foreach tag to iterate over all portlets in a collection and display them all.
scopestringfalseportlet requestThe scope used to store the data collection. See the Logic tag library for further information on scope.

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