Portlet Page Editor Tags for Adaptive Layout
Tag sortpropertyentry

Specifies a sort property entry for the sortpropertiesdata tag. This tag is only usable with the sortpropertiesdata tag. The order of the entries is preserved in the resulting data collection.

<pt:portletpageeditor.sortpropertiesdata pt:id="sortprops" >
<pt:portletpageeditor.sortpropertyentry pt:propid="200" pt:proptitle="Custom Sort Ascending">
<pt:portletpageeditor.sortpropertyentry pt:propid="-200" pt:proptitle="Custom Sort Descending">

Tag Information
Tag Namesortpropertyentry
Required Parent Tagsortpropertiesdata

NameTypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
propidinttruenullThe ID of the property. For custom object properties, this is the ID of property object. Positive value for ascending order and negative for descending order. IDs for other common properties:
  • 1 - The item name.
  • 2 - The item description.
  • 3 - The item creation date.
  • 4 - The item last modified date.
proptitlestringtruenullThe display string for the property.

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