WebCenter Interation (WCI) UI Tags
Tag loginoptionsenabled

Conditionally processes inner content based on the option parameter and Portal settings. For example, if the option attribute is set to remembermypassword and the Portal setting for remembermypassword is true, then the HTML inside the tag will be displayed.

The remembermypassword setting is configured by the AllowAutoConnect parameter in portalconfig.xml (setting AllowAutoConnect to true sets remembermypassword to true.) The createaccount setting is set with the Allow creation of Self Registered Users in the Portal Administration's Portal Settings.

The authsource setting is set with AllowDefaultLoginPageAuthSournce in portalconfig.xml.

Tag Information
Tag Nameloginoptionsenabled

NameTypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
optionstringtruenullA login option to check. This attribute must be set to one of the following: authsource (processes tag body if the authsource setting is set to true),remembermypassword (processes tag body if the remembermypassword setting is set to true), createaccount (processes tag body if the createaccount setting is set to true)

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