WebCenter Interation (WCI) UI Tags
Tag loginrememberme

This tag is used for the 'Remember my Password' functionality and it works in two ways, it displays 'Remember my Password' checkbox if usedwith out key attribute. If the 'key' optional attribute is given a valuethen this tag outputs the name of the inputcontrol as key parameter's value and displaysthe body of the html inside it, Note that this tag displays either of the above outputs only when 'AllowAutoConnect' in portalconfig.xml is turned on.

In Legacy Mode
<pt:logic.value pt:value="Remember Password"/>
or to output name of control and customize the display
<pt:ptui.loginrememberme pt:name="true">
<pt:core.html pt:tag="input" type="checkbox" name="$name" id="$id" />
<pt:logic.value pt:value="Remember Password"/>

Tag Information
Tag Nameloginrememberme
Required Parent Tagloginform

NameTypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
keystringfalseN/AThis takes String value as input and if given a value it provides the name of the input control stored as key value and displays the body if 'AllowAutoConnect' in portalconfig.xml is turned on
scopestringfalseportlet requestThe scope used to store the data. See the Logic tag library for a list of all available scopes.

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