This event is triggered whenever a visitor submits a form on a site page.

Example: A form is submitted where formName is decemberSurvey

When the page developer adds a form to a site page, he or she includes a formName parameter in the JSP or JHTML code for the form. The Scenarios module uses the value of the formName parameter to identify the form that the visitor submits. If the page developer does not specify a formName value, the value of the absoluteName property is used instead; for example, the formName of the /atg/userprofiling/ProfileFormHandler component defaults to /atg/userprofiling/ProfileFormHandler.

Note that forms do not trigger this event by default; you must set the sendMessages property of the form handler component to true to have this event work correctly.

Class name


JMS name


Display name

A form is submitted

Message context


Message scope


Message source

Component: /atg/dynamo/messaging/DynamoMessageSource

Class: atg.nucleus.dms.DASMessageSource

Component that calls the message source

An instance of /atg/droplet/GenericFormHandler

How this event is triggered

Triggered by the form handler component after the visitor submits the form.

How to turn this event off

Set to false the SendMessages property of the form handler component. Note, however, that this property is false by default.

The message that triggers this event contains the following properties:



Scenario editor label



where formName is…

The name of the form that the visitor submits.

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