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Oracle® Traffic Director Administrator's Guide
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E21036-04
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3.1 Creating an Administration Node

To create an administration node, make sure that the administration server is running, and then run the configure-server command from the shell prompt of the host that you want to designate as the administration node.

For example, to designate as an Oracle Traffic Director administration node that is registered with the administration server on the host, do the following:

  1. Run the configure-server command from the system.

    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/tadm configure-server --user=admin
     --port=8989 --admin-node --node-port=8900
    • ORACLE_HOME is the path to the directory or mount point containing the Oracle Traffic Director installation on the node that you want to designate as the administration node.

    • The --instance-home option specifies the directory in which the instance directories should be created on the node.

    • The --admin-node option specifies that the specified host should be configured as an administration node.

    The following message is displayed.

    This command will create an administration node and register it with the remote administration server:
    Enter admin-user-password>
  2. Enter the password for the administration server user.

    The configure-server command attempts to connect to the remote administration server by using the specified administration server host, port, user, and password.


    If the administration server is not reachable, the following error message is displayed.

    OTD-70104 Unable to communicate with the administration server:
     Unable to connect to admin-server. Please check if the server is
     up and running and that the host and port provided are correct.

    Start the administration server and run the configure-server command again.

    If this is the first time that the host on which you are creating the administration node is attempting to connect to the administration server, the server certificate of the administration server is displayed.

  3. Enter y to trust the certificate.

    The following message is displayed:

    OTD-70215 The administration node has been configured successfully.The node can be started by executing: /home/otd/instances/admin-server/bin/startserv

For more information about configure-server, see the Oracle Traffic Director Command-Line Reference or run the command with the --help option.

For information about starting the administration node, see Section 3.3, "Starting an Administration Node."

After you start the administration node, you can create instances of Oracle Traffic Director configurations on the administration node. Note that on each administration node, you can create only one instance of a configuration.