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Oracle® Traffic Director Administrator's Guide
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E21036-04
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3.2 Viewing a List of Administration Nodes

You can view a list of the administration nodes by using either the administration console or the CLI.


The CLI examples in this section are shown in shell mode (tadm>). For information about invoking the CLI shell, see Section 2.3.1, "Accessing the Command-Line Interface."

Viewing a List of Administration Nodes Using the Administration Console

To view a list of the available administration nodes by using the administration console, do the following:

  1. Log in to the administration console, as described in Section 2.3.2, "Accessing the Administration Console."

  2. Click the Nodes button near the upper left corner of the page.

    The administration server and the administration nodes that are registered with it are displayed as shown in Figure 3-1. For each node, the names of the configurations that have been instantiated on the node are also displayed.

    Figure 3-1 List of Administration Nodes

    Description of Figure 3-1 follows
    Description of "Figure 3-1 List of Administration Nodes"

To view the settings of an administration node in detail, click on the node.

Viewing a List of Administration Nodes Using the CLI

To view a list of the administration nodes, run the list-nodes command, as shown in the following example:

tadm> list-nodes --verbose --all
node-name         node-port  node-online  node-description
----------------------------------------------------------------    8989       true         "This is the Administration Server node"     8900       false        -