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Oracle® Traffic Director Command-Line Reference
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E21037-03
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tadm install-cert common_options [--token=name] [--file-on-server] --config=config_name --cert-type=server|chain|ca [--nickname=nick_name] cert_file


Use this command to install a certificate. You should have the server certificate text (ASCII) in a file issued by the certificate authority (CA).


For information about common_options, run the help command.


Specify the token (cryptographic device) on which the certificate should be installed.


If you specify this option, the server certificate is available on the administrator server. If you do not specify this option, the file is assumed to be available on the client machine and will be uploaded to the server.


Specify the name of the configuration for which you are installing the certificate.


Specify the type of certificate. The values can be server, chain, or ca.

  • server — Type of certificate that is installed is a server certificate. This certificate should be requested from the same configuration and token which is being installed.

  • chain — Type of certificate that is installed is a CA chain certificate. This certificate chain contains one or more intermediate CAs.

  • ca — Type of certificate that is installed is a CA certificate.


Specify the nickname (short name) of the certificate. This option is required only for the server type certificate.



Specify the name of the file that stores the certificate on the server.


tadm install-cert --user=admin --port=8989 
--prompt=false --password-file=./admin.pwd --cert-type=server --nickname=cert1 certbin.req

Exit Codes

The following exit values are returned:

0: command executed successfully

>0: error in executing the command

For more information about exit codes and syntax notations, run the help command.

See Also

help, create-cert-request, list-certs, delete-cert, get-cert-prop, set-cert-trust-prop, create-selfsigned-cert