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Oracle® Student Learning Installation and Deployment Guide
Release 3.1.3

Part Number E20664-04
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Part I Installing Oracle Student Learning

1 Installation and Deployment Requirements

2 Installation Tasks

3 Using Installation Log and Supporting Files

4 Uninstallation Tasks

Part II Deploying the OSL Learning Tool

5 Configuring Oracle Internet Directory

6 Configuring Oracle Universal Content Management Default Integration

7 Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

8 Configuring WebLogic Server

9 Deploying OSL Learning Tool Admin and OSL Learning Tool

10 Configuring OSSO Solution

11 Configuring Oracle Access Manager 10g

12 Installing and Configuring Oracle Access Manager 11g

Part III Migrating Content from UCM 10g to ECM 11g

13 Migrating Content from UCM 10g to ECM 11g

Part IV Upgrading OSL Release 3.1.2 to OSL Release 3.1.3

14 Upgrading Oracle Student Learning from Release 3.1.2 to Release 3.1.3